Stake with the bros

Delegate your stake to our community validator node and earn your share of the 300.000.000 XRD network emissions and help secure the Radix network.

Why you should choose us

Powerful servers

Our validator nodes are powered by 2nd gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs, 64GB RAM and enterprise NVMe SSDs.



We chose our hosting provider not only for its reliability in one of Germany's best data centers, but also because it is currently not used by any other top 100 validator, to further strengthen network decentralization.

Safe & secure

Our operations and monitoring are following DevSecOps principles. We are running a full backup node for quick fail-over and high uptime.

Industry experience

We have more than 30 years of combined experience working in IT and DevOps and are crypto enthusiasts.

Support the network

We believe in Radix as the future of DeFi and want to help its growth and decentralization.

How to delegate your stake

Please see the following Radix Knowledge Base article to learn how to stake your XRD.

  1. Open your Radix Desktop wallet
  2. Go to the Stake & Unstake tab
  3. Enter our validator address and choose an amount
  4. Click the stake button to start the transaction

Our validator address is: rv1q087r7c4fhzhvjgq665jc8re9lwjvgamx6qrdl436r92wfuw3hz6x4lp06u